Artevigna is a project of “artistic cultivation” of the vineyard. We invite the artists who wish to do so, to walk through our vineyards and interpret the soul of the earth, giving an artistic life to the natural materials resulting from the vineyards and the wine production cycle.

Just as wine is the result of the production of the land that meets the sensitivity of the winemaker, so this same land and these vineyards will produce the materials with which the artists will give life to another expression of beauty. Works of art daughters of our terroir and in which they will remain to be visited, lived and walked.

Artevigna thus becomes an itinerary that can be visited by walking through our vineyards and immersing oneself in them and in the nature that surrounds them. A route that over the years has become increasingly richer and richer and that contributes to making the immersion in these places even more magical.