Our family has, from time immemorial, operated by the philosophy of sustainable agriculture.

By ‘sustainable agriculture’, we mean the respect of the principles of sustainability in agricultural production and food farming.

Sustainable agriculture is a very wide concept. It consists of using agricultural techniques that respect the environment, biodiversity, and the natural absorption of waste by the earth.

From time immemorial, our family has operated by this philosophy; a strong supporter of the principle that a product’s quality is inseparable from the global quality with which the business interrelates with the environment that hosts it.

We have followed this path over the years in a silent and private way, without clamor or fundamentalist proclamations, always convinced that appearances should never dominate real action:

  • 1992 management of the vines according to the principles of sustainable agriculture.
  • 1998 reduction of the weight of our bottles for a savings of 24,000 kg
    (52,800 lbs) of glass per year, corresponding to 13,416 kg of greenhouse gases,
    not to mention the savings in transportation.
  • 2002 adoption of recycled cardboard.
  • 2010 energy independence thanks to a new photovoltaic electrical system.


These are just the larger steps of an ongoing journey that is enriched every day by small and significant goals.